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Destination Management

Group North are a destination management company with a difference. Unlike some other incentive travel companies, Group North offer exclusive access to unusual places. We know that by the time you visit us, your group will have earned your break, and will be expecting a seamless, enjoyable experience.

Group North will have planned and managed every element of your trip meticulously. All of your accommodation and travel will be arranged in advance, and we will have drawn on every last bit of knowledge and experience at our disposal to ensure not only that everything goes without a hitch, but that all of your group will have been left with a feeling that they’ve had a memorable (and otherwise unachievable) travel experience.

Incentive Travel

Group North have organised a huge amount of incentive travel programmes in the UK for groups from companies large and small from all over the world. You can see logos of some of our satisfied clients scrolling up on the right of this page. They’ve all used us because of our exclusive access to the more hidden destinations that the UK has to offer. The perceived benefits of incentive travel programmes for your employees often far outweight more traditional awards you may make to your workforce.

So Group North work hard to ensure that the ‘trophy value’ of the incentive is above and beyond anything you could offer with a simple cash award – and we’ll ensure a memorable and personal experience for all those involved.